At Pet Wellbeing, the welfare of vulnerable animals is a cause very close to our hearts. In the summer of 2021, we launched the Rescue the Rescues donation outreach program to give our life-changing supplements to rescue groups, shelters, and animal sanctuaries across North America. Big or small, it doesn't matter the size of the organization, as long as we can offer some help to rescue pets in need.

To date we have donated

  • 3000+ supplements
  • a value of $70,000+
  • to 200 different organizations
  • and we’re just getting started!

    We want the most vulnerable pets to be as healthy as can be as they find their forever homes. Help us Rescue The Rescues, and save our beloved pets from unthinkable conditions!

    Nominate A Pet Rescue For Donation

    You can nominate your favorite pet rescue organization and Pet Wellbeing will reach out to offer them a donation care package. We have had over 3000 nominations and counting! Submit the name and contact information for a pet rescue of your choice today.


    Donation Partners

    Once a donation has been sent, that doesn’t mean our support comes to an end. For those organizations who love our supplements and want to keep using Pet Wellbeing, we offer a number of ways to partner up and help each other. We honor their trust!